Common questions for homeowners.


Basic Carpentry Services

We can handle any and all of your carpentry needs from framing to deck repair or construction, repairing wood rot, to simply hanging shelves in a closet or pantry. Our professionally trained and insured carpenters will ensure you get the best possible service and workmanship - guaranteed for a full year.

Turnaround timeframe

Though of course it depends on the size and type of kitchen remodel, I can safely say that an average kitchen takes between four to six weeks to remodel, not including the planning and design phase. The good news is that for 99 percent of our clients, they don’t have to move out during the timeline of their kitchen remodel. We offer creative ways for them to remain in their homes safely.


When thinking about your kitchen remodel timeline, I always suggest to clients that they take as much time as they need during the planning and design phase. You – the client – need to be completely comfortable with what you’re getting in your new kitchen. Don’t ever let anyone rush you. Take the necessary time to think about what you want.

Level Cabinets Service

In older homes, floors are never perfectly level. (Even some new homes fall in this group.) Installing cabinets on sloped surfaces is not recommended, since: A) they look really bad and B) the doors may not swing properly. The normal installation method is to find the highest point in the layout and start there, because it's much easier to shim up a cabinet, rather than lower a high spot in the floor. When all the base cabinet tops are in the same plane, the countertops will sit flat level and true. In the case of natural stone countertops, this will even prevent cracks or breaks from forming over high points.

We fix all the leveling issues for the existing cabinets.